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Cheese Chopper® | Cheese Storage with Slicing and Shredding Attachments

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Cheese Chopper | Cheese Storage with Slicing and Shredding Attachments

The Revolutionary New Way to Slice, Shred, and Store your Cheese, with Ease!!

The Cheese Chopper® comes with not one, not two, but THREE handles - a wire, a blade, and a grater. Truly your one-stop cheese device. 

  • LESS MESS – LONGER SHELF LIFE:  The airtight container keeps your cheese fresh up to 2X longer than standard storage alternatives. Reduces the need for plastic wrap, oversized containers, and other awkward methods of storing your golden cheddar. Take your cheese from the fridge to the counter, and back with no mess or waste. 

  • PERFECT SLICE EVERY TIME: Effortlessly choose between a wire, blade, or grater handle, so regardless of cheese you please, it’s got you covered. With the guillotine style guide, thick or thin, you get the perfect slice every time.

  • SAFELY SHRED THAT CHED: The Cheese Chopper® grater handle makes shreddin' that golden cheddar a piece of cake. Never again will you scrape your knuckles as you struggle to clean a bulky box grater. The Cheese Chopper grater head can be wiped out with one easy swipe or thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

  • SAVE MONEY – EAT BETTER: The Cheese Chopper® lets you save money by taking advantage of higher-quality blocks of cheese without sacrificing convenience or quality. Store-bought, pre-shredded or grated cheeses can cost twice as much and are often coated with harmful chemicals or anti-caking agents. Long live you and long live the cheese!

  • CLEAN & SAFE: All Cheese Chopper components are DISHWASHER SAFE. The cheese wire and cheese blade provide a safe alternative to the dangerous cheese knife. The grater handle allows you to throw away your grandma’s box grater and leave your bloody knuckles behind. 



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