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šŸ•The Pizza PackĀ® - Storage for a single slice or an entire pizza!!!šŸ•

You get TWO Pizza Packs for your pepperoniĀ &Ā cheese pizza! The themed pack comes with one red and oneĀ yellow Pizza PackĀ®.Ā 

The struggle of trying to stuff a pizza box in your fridge is a thing of the past, the Pizza PackĀ® perfectly stores slices of pizza in a compact, air-tight container that collapses and expands to maximize your fridge space.Ā 

  • SPACE SAVERĀ - Each pizza container collapses and expands to accommodate the number of pizza slices you have. Perfect for storing leftover pizza without a pizza box taking up the whole shelf!
  • PIZZA SAVERĀ - If you donā€™t think pizza tastes better the next day, then you haven't been storing it properly. Our snap-on airtight lids create a vacuum seal that will keep your pizza slices fresher longer! Each Pizza PackĀ® container features an optional air vent to reduce condensation and prevent you from experiencing the dreaded Soggy Slice Syndrome.
  • PERFECT PIZZA PLATESĀ - Each pizza slice box comes with 5 microwavable divider trays that not only keep your slices from sticking together while being stored, but double as pizza plates when you want to reheat a single slice.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALLĀ ā€“ Wellā€¦almost. The Pizza PackĀ® fits slices from any pizzas up to 18in. If New York slices are your thing, you can always trim down a side for that perfect fit!
  • SAFE & DURABLEĀ - Our reusable pizza boxes are made with non-toxic, BPA free, food-grade silicone which is odorless, leak-proof, and non-stick. They are also microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.
  • PATENT no.:Ā US 11,661,260Ā 
  • Images and TextĀ Ā© Ā 2022-2023, Pizza Pack LLC.

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